The vertical environmental characteristics in the tidal flat sediments

갯벌의 수직적 환경 특성

  • 김종구 (군산대학교 해양환경공학과) ;
  • 유선재 (군산대학교 해양환경공학과)
  • Published : 2000.04.01


As one of the fundamental survey to evaluate purification capacity of pollutants at the tidal flat sediments, we studied vertical environmental characteristics in three tidal flat sediments, Chunjangdae, Eueunri and Gyewhado. These are dissmilar to external feature in each other. The results of this study may be summarized as followed; As the results of particle analysis, Eueunri tidal flat fediment located in Keum river estuary consists of 98.98% as silt & clay, Chunjangdae tidal flat sediment located in SeocheonGun consists of 97.99% as sand. And Gyewhado tidal flat sediment located in Saemankeum in Saemankeum area consists area consists of 32.81% as silt & clay and 67.19% as sand. The concentration of organic pollutants(I.L., COD, POC, PON) in Eueunri tidal flat sediment which highly content of silt & clay were 3~4 times higher than others. The concentration of organic pollutants at each layer were slightly increase goes with deepen layer. The linear correlation between I.L. and COD, POC, PON were obtained. Correlation coefficients were in range of 0.821~0.940. Also the correlation between pH and COD, POC, PON were high(>r=0.9). Filteration rate in Chunjangdae tidal flat sediment was 0.01584cm/s as mean value, but the other were almost nothing filtered off.


vertical characteristic;particle analysis;organic pollutants;correlation coefficient;filteration rate


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