The Movable Hydraulic Model Test for Exchange of Intake Weir in the Nakdong River

낙동강 취수보개체를 위한 이동상 수리모형실험

  • 김성원 (미국 콜로라도 주립대학교 공업연구소)
  • Published : 2000.02.01


In this study, the movable bed model testing was carried out so as to analyze bed profile changes including predicting scouring and deposition of bed profile and to solve hydraulic problems affecting with bed and both-bank between upstream and downstream of intake weir in the Nakdong river channel. The movable bed model testing consists of fundamental test, movable model test and numerical analysis method respectively. The fundamental test was enforced to analyze relationship of discharge and sediment load in the tilting flume. When the movable model test was worked, it was shown that sediment budget between input sediment load and output sediment load was balanced exactly. As a result of movable model test, it was presented that scouring and deposition changes in quantities between the upstream and downstream of modification weir were less than those of nature and planning weir. Finally, numerical analysis method was operated by 1-dimensional bed profile changes model ; HEC-6 model so as to complement unsolving hard problems during movable model test. So, modification weir will sustained the stable bed profile changes than any other weirs in the study channel.


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