Size Effect on Axial Compressive Strength of Notched Concrete Specimens

노치가 있는 콘크리트 실험체의 축압축 강도에 대한 크기효과

  • 이성태 (정회원, 한국전력기술(주)책임기술원) ;
  • 김봉준 (정회원, 대본엔지니어링 구조부 사원) ;
  • 김진근 (정회원, 한국과학기술원 토목공학과)
  • Published : 2000.12.01


The size effect on axial compressive strength in notched concrete specimens was experimentally investigated. Based on the concept of the fracture mechanics and size effect law, theoretical studies for axial compressive failure of concrete were reviewed, and two failure modes of concrete specimens under compression were discussed. In this study, experiments of axial compressive failure, which is one of the two failure modes, was carried out by using cylindrical specimens. Adequate notch length was taken from the experimental result of strength variation based on the notch length. And, by taking various sizes of specimens the size effect on axial compressive strength of concrete was investigated. Also, model equations were suggested by modified size effect law (MSEL). The test results show that size effect appears conspicuously for all series of specimens. Additionally, the effect of initial notch length on axial compressive strength was also apparent.


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