Redox Reaction on Polarization Curve Variations of Polymer with Enzymes

  • Published : 2000.09.01


Experiments were carried out to measure variations in the oxidation potential and current density using the polarization curves of polycarbonate. The results were then examined to identify the influences affecting the oxidation potential related to various conditions, such as temperature, pH, and oxydase(citrate and lipase). The lines representing the active anodic and cathodic dissolution shifted only slightly in the potential direction relative to temperature, pH, and the effect of the enzyme. The Tafel slope for the anodic and cathodic dissolution was determined such that the reversibility polarization was indicated as being effected by various conditions. The slope of the polarization curves describing the active-to-passive transition region shifted noticeably in their direction. Also, by varying the conditions, the optimum conditions for the most ready transform were identified, including temperature, pH, oxidation rate, and resistance of oxidation potential. The critical oxidation sensitivity(I(sub)r/I(sub)f) of the anodic current density peak and maximum passive current density was also determined, which is used in measuring the critical corrosion sensitivity of a polycarbonate.


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