Antifungal Activities of meOH Extracts from Three Korean Mistletose against Tyromyces palustris, Endothia nitschkei and Trichophyton rubrum

3종의 한국산 겨우살이 메탄올 추출물의 Tyromyces palustris, Endothia nitschkei 그리고 Trichophyton rubrum에 대한 항균활성

  • Published : 2000.06.01


The traditional Korea medical book already recorded various biological activities of the Korean mistletoes. The objective of this study was examine antifungal activities of MeOH extract from the Korean mistletoe through column chromatography on three fungi, such as Tyromyces palustris Endothia nitschkei and Trichophyton rubrum. No mistletoes had anti-fungal activity against T. palusties. Extracts of V. album var. coloratum showed the highest hyphal growth-inhibitory activity against E. nitschkei and leaf extract of this species had higher activity than twig extract. Further fractionation of most active fraction and following antifungal assay showed that its anti-fungal activity might be caused by synergism if its components. It was suggested that Viscum album var. coloratum shows significantly antifungal activities against E. nitschkei and T. rubrum. Further examination is needed to find out more exact active compounds.