Chemical Components and Pulverization conditions of the Pollens of Pinus rigida and Pinus koraiensis

리기다소나무와 잣나무 화분의 화학적 성분과 파쇄 조건에 관한 연구

  • 김계환 (전북대학교 산림과학부) ;
  • 오혁근 (전북대학교 자연과학대학 과학기술학부) ;
  • 서병수 (전북대학교 산림과학부(농업과학기술연구소)) ;
  • 박준모 (전북대학교 산림과학부(농업과학기술연구소)) ;
  • 김상용 (전북대학교 산림과학부(농업과학기술연구소))
  • Published : 2000.06.01


This study was to analyze the chamical components of the pollens of Pinus rigida and P. koraensis and to investigate the optimal conditions for pollen pulverization. The results are as follow: (1) The contents of moisture, crude ash, crude protein, crude fat, crude filber and carbohydrate in the pollen of P. rigida were 9.9%, 2.5%, 13.1% 2.9% 7.5% 64.1% respectively, while those of P. koraiensis were 9.8%, 2.1%, 11.1% 2.8% 8.1% 66.1% respectively. All the contents of P. rigida and P. koraiensis were much higher than those of general crop grains. (2) Eighteen different amino acids were detected in the pollen of P. rigida and P. koraiensis. Among them, ten essential amino acids were indentified, which showed high nutritions values. (3) The contents of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and E in the pollen of P. rigida were 8.7 mg, 10.1 mg, 15.9 mg, 32.9 mg, 1.9 mg, respectively, while those of in the pollen of P. koraiensis were 7.9 mg, 9.7 mg, 14.5 mg, 34.2 mg, and 2.5 mg respectively. Vitamin C among them was abundant. (4)When the pollen grains of P. prigida was pulverized for 50minutes at 5,000rpm and P. koraiensis for 40 minutes at 5,000rpm by Overhead stirrer, the 100% of pollen was pulverized.