Effect of DP Finishing Conditions on the Mechanical Properties and Hand of Cotton Fabrics

DP 가공조건이 면직물의 역학적 성질과 태에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.03.01


The effects of DP finishing conditions including process technique and finishing agent on the mechanical properties and hand of cotton fabrics were investigated. 100% cotton fabrics were treated with NMA/DMDHEU and NMA/YF using wet-fixation and steam-fixation process. For comparison, conventional pad-dry-cure process was used with DMDHEU. After DP finishing, tensile and compressional resilience increased and bending hysteresis decreased, resulting in the improvement of dimensional stability of cotton fabric. WF and SF process rendered fabrics better shear properties, tensile energy, and compressional linearity and energy than PDC process. However, SF process produced fabrics with higher geometrical roughness than WF process. After DP finishing, primary hand values except Koshi increased, resulting in the increase of total hand value of cotton fabric.


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