Estimation of the Virtual Mass of Conical Nets using Circulating Water Channel

회류수조를 이요한 자루그물의 가상질량 추정

  • 김현영 (부경대학교)
  • Published : 2000.02.01


The virtual mass of net is an important parameter in the analysis and control of net movement in the water. This experiment was performed with the purpose of getting a relation on the quantity of netting and virtual mass of trawl nets using the circulating water channel that can control flow speed. Twelve types of conical nets were examined. Resistance of the conical net at the steady and acceleration state was recorded as text on the personal computer through the tension meter and current meter. The results were obtained as follows ;1. Resistance(R) of the conical net is proportional to the degree of attack angle in the sam e amount of twine material.2. Coefficient of the resistance(Cd)could be defined by the following regression model as a function of Reynolds Number(Re). Cd=0.039Re-0.14743. Resistance(R) is proportional to TSA(Twine surface area) and defined as follows; R=21.398TSA-0.12194. Coefficient of virtual mass(CM) could be calculated by the following first order regression model. CM=37.557U-8.96845. Virtual mass is directly proportional to Volume of net(V) or d/l.



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