Analysis on the Dynamic Responses of Fishing Vessels in a Seaway

파랑중 어선의 동력학 해석

  • 이희상 (부산지방해양안전심판원)
  • Published : 2000.02.01


Ships in a seaway will encounter dangerous situation, such as slamming, stranding, and capsizing. The number of capsizing is small, but the loss due to them is very large from the viewpoint of human life, property, and the environmental pollution. The number of capsizing of fishing vessels is about 62% of total number of capsizing, and the half of them is originated from the operational mistake in a seaway. So the dynamics and the capsizing phenomena are to be studied, and the guide for the safe operation of a fishing vessel in a seaway are to be specified. The hydrodynamic forces consist of radiation forces (which are due to the motion of a ship), Froude-Krylov forces (which is due to the incoming waves), and diffraction forces (which is due to the wave and ship interaction). These forces are calculated by well-known strip method. Using the calculated forces, the motion of a ship in a regular sea is obtained. In the real seaway, the waves are very irregular, therefore the statistical analysis is very helpful. In this paper, using the results of the motion in a regular seaway and the wave spectrum, the motion in a irregular seaway are obtained and analyzed.



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