Improved Design in Fishing Operation System for Small Inshore and Coastal Fishing Vessels-I -Design of a Automatic Winch System-

소형 연근해 어선의 조업 시스템 개선에 관한 연구-I -자동 권양 윈치 시스템의 설계-

  • Published : 2000.02.01


The electro-hydraulic servo winch system built in a automatic tension control equipment was designed with a latent need for an advanced system in fishing operations of the inshore and coastal fishing vessels. In order to keep the constant tension condition of warp under loading, a tension control circuit was added to the servo winch system.The dynamic performance in the open loop behaviour of the designed winch system was investigated and its applicability was tested for various possibilities of load using a load generator especially developed in order to this study.The mechanical characteristics of this system is different from that of a conventional type, that is, the tension, length, line speed and drum revolution can be automatically controlled by the information from various sensors, such as torque, rpm and pressure transducers. from the experiment results, it was verified that the servo winch system has very good output and tracking behaviour for the control input signals in different operating conditions though overshoot of out 8% in the transient characteristics of torque under the load though a overshoot of about 8% in the transient characteristics of torque under the load condition can be observed when the opening of servo valve, adjustable by the input voltage between - 10 V up to 10 V, changed suddenly.Consequently, the improved fishing winch system can be effectively used as the automatic shooting and hauling equipment of low cost for small inshore and coastal fishing vessels which engage in net fishing.



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