Nutritional Status of the Long-lived Elderly People in Kyungpook Sung-Ju Area(I) -Estimation of Nutrients Intakes-

경북 성주지역 장수노인의 영양상태(I) -영양섭취상태-

  • 이혜성 (경북대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 2000.06.01


The purposes of this study were to estimate nutritional intakes of the long-lived elderly and to obtain the data for establishing dietary guidelines that may be recommended for the general population for the sake of longevity. The subjects of the study were 300 elederly people of age over 85 years living in Kyungpook Sung-Ju area who had no problem in daily living. Four times of food consumption survey were carried out seasonally by the repeated 24-hr recall method for one year. Mean daily energy intakes and RDA percentage of energy intakes of the male and female subjects were estimated as 1222 kcal(67.9%) and 1047 kcal(65.4%) respectively. Mean daily intakes of nutrients were estimated as 38.3g for protein, 287mg for calcium, 5.8mg for iron, 314R.E. for vitamin A, 0.6mg for vitamin B1 and 0.43mg for vitamin B2 The mean RDA percentages of nutrients intake were 64.4% and 59.8% for protein in male and female, 39.8% for Ca, 48.3% for Fe, 44.9% for vitamin A, 60% for vitamin B1, and 35.8% for B2. The average PFC ratio of energy-yielding nutrients throughout the year in male and female were 15.1 : 15.2 : 69.7 and 13.8 : 13.2 : 73.0 respectively. The mean daily intakes of energy and most of nutreints were significantly high in winter season. The contribution of plant food sources to nutrient intakes were over 60% for protein and fat, 50% for calcium, and 70% for iron. Long-lived elderly people an Sung-Ju, Kyungpook showed considerably smaller physiques compared to the avergae Korean elderly, however their average BMI fell in normal range. The subjects were consuming much less energy and nutrients compared to the present Korean RDA for the elderly over age 75. The subject showed relatively good health state in spite of low intakes of energy and nutrients. Therefore it seems to be necessary to establish a set of new RDA for the elderly over age 8.5.


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