Detection of Irradiated Cereals by Viscosity Measurement

  • Yi, Sang-Duk ;
  • Chang, Kyu-Seob ;
  • Yang, Jae-Seung
  • Published : 2000.06.01


A study was performed to establish the detection method of irradiated cereals. A drastic reduction of the apparent viscosity of suspensions with heat treatment was observed up to 1∼2 kGy in brown rice, Job's-tears, polished barley and polished rice. They were gently reduced to samples irradiated at 15 kGy. This trend was similar for all stirring speeds. The viscosity of unirradiated brown rice, Job's-tears, polished barley and polished rice reduced with in-creasing stirring speeds and this tendency was similar for irradiation doses. Regression expressions and coefficients of brown rice, Job's s-tears, polished barley and polished rice on different doses were 0.9399($y=3408.0e^{-0.2338x}$), 0.8855($y=3597.8e^{-0.6864x}$), 0.9343($y=7554.0e^{-0.4998x}$) and 0.9714($y=3228.2e^{-0.5312x}$), respectively, at 120 rpm. These results sug-gest that detection of irradiation for cereals could be possible by viscometric methods.


cereals;viscosity;gamma irradiation