Physicochemical and Sensory Textural Properties of Rice Extrudate Depending on Extrusion Conditions

  • Published : 2000.03.01


Extrusion conditions for production of rice extrudate were studied. The optimal production conditions of rice extrudate were determined by the relationship between dependent variables such as expansion ratio, shear strength and color change and independent variables such as moisture content of raw material, screw speed, and die tem-perature of extruder. The textural quality of rice exturdate was significantly affected by the moisture content of raw material (x1), screw speed (x2), and die temperature (x3) of extruder. The expansion ratio of rice extrudate showed the highest value at the moisture content of 18% of raw material, and the lowest at 24%, and whose regression equation was Y=34.8967 - 3.219X1 - (0.623$\times$10-2)X2 + 0.136X3 + (0.648$\times$10-1)X12 + (0.138$\times$10-3)X1X2 + (0.456$\times$10-4)X22 + (0.719$\times$10-3)X1X3 -(0.515$\times$10-3)X2X3- (0.552$\times$10-3)X32. The most desirable texture of rice extrudate determined by shear test and sensory evaluation was obtained at the following conditions : mois-ture content of 18% of raw material, screw speed of 210 rpm and die temperature of 11$0^{\circ}C$. The rice extrudate prepared under the above conditions showed the lowest shear force of 954g at which the highest sensory score was obtained.