A Study on Effects of Recirculated Exhaust Gas upon $NO_x$ and Soot Emissions of a Marine Diesel Engine with Scrubber EGR System

박용 디젤기관의 $NO_x$ 및 매연 배출물에 미치는 스크러버형 EGR 시스템 재순환배기의 영향에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2000.05.01


The effects of recirculated exhaust gas on the characteristics of ;$NO_x$ and soot emissions under a wide range of engine load have been experimentally investigated by a water-cooled, four-cylinder, indirect injection, four cycle and marine diesel engine operating at two kinds of engine speeds. The purpose of the present study is to develop the EGR control system for reducing $NO_x$ and soot emissions simultaneously in diesel engines. The EGR system is used to reduce NOx emissions, and a novel diesel soot removal apparatus with a cylinder-type scrubber for the experiment system which has 6 water injectors(A water injector is made up 144 nozzles with 1.0mm in diameter) is specially designed and manufactured to reduce the soot contents in the recirculated exhaust gas to intake system of the engines. The intake oxygen concentration obtained by the intake air flow and the oxygen concentration in the recirculated exhaust gas, and the exhaust oxygen concentration measured in exhaust manifold are used to analyse and discuss the influences of EGR on NOx and soot emissions. The experiments are performed at the fixed fuel injection timing of $15.3^{\circ}$ BTDC regardless of experimental conditions. It is found that $NO_x$ emissions decrease and soot emissions increase owing to the drop of intake oxygen concentration and exhaust oxygen concentration as EGR rate rises. Also, one can conclude that it is sufficient for the scrubber EGR system with a novel diesel soot removal apparatus to reduce $NO_x$ emissions, but not to reduce soot emissions.


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