Analysis of 16S-23S rRNA Intergenic Spacer Regions of Aeromonas veronii biogroup sobria and A. caviae

Aeromonas veronii biogroup sobria와 Aeromonas caviae의 16S-23S rRNA Intergenic Spacer Regions 분석

  • 강동율 (부경대학교 미생물학과 병원 미생물실) ;
  • 이훈구 (부경대학교 미생물학과 병원 미생물실)
  • Published : 2000.09.01


The intern1 spacer regions (ISR) between the 16s and 23s $1_RNA$ genes of Aeronzonus iwonii blogroupsobria and A. caviae were investigated by PCR fragment length typing and DNA sequencing. A. iwonii bv.sobria has a speciIic 16s-23s pattern of 2-4 fiagments ranging Goin 479-539 bp, with the exception of thespecies Aeron7onns cmiae, which has 3 fragments ranglog from 470-602 bp. In all of the.4 vei*onii bv. sobr,iaand A, caviae strains examined in this study, the 470-481bp Tragnent, designated TSR-1, invariably contained $tDNA^{uc(GAT)$ and $tDNA^{Ala(TGC)$ in contrast to ISR-2 (513-525 bp). ISR-3 (537-539 bp) and ISR-4 (568-602 bp)containing TEX>$tDNA^{Olu(ITC)$ A stretch of 20 nucleotides (178-197 bp) in the ISR-4 was conserved only wit11mA.caiiue, from which the A. caiiae specific primer, named prAC-F, was designed and used for PCR with aAcaviae coimnon reverse primer A PCR product of 450 bp was apparent alnong I , caiizne strains, but not ii1.4.ijeronii bv. sob~ia strains. The PCR product was oot detected t"-om strains belonging to A. hjili-o~~hila, Ebrio,aud the family Ef\ulcornertei,obncteriaceae. This study provides the first molecular tool for mdentifying the species the species 8. caviae.


Aeromonas veronii bv. sobria;Aeromonas caviae;16S-23S rRNA intergenic spacer region;ISR-PCR;tRNA;species-specific primer


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