Catalytic Combustion of Acetaldehyde by Metal Phthalocyanines

금속 프탈로시아닌을 이용한 아세트알데히드의 촉매연소

  • 서성규
  • Published : 2000.08.01


Catalytic combustion of acetaldehyde has been investigated as a representative of unpleasant odor by its reaction with metal-phthalocyanines(PC). The experiment was conducted at the reaction temperature of 200~41$0^{\circ}C$ and the concentratio of acetaldehyde in air at the range of 0.07~0.94 mole% The pretreated metal-PC has been characterized by UV-VIS and XRD analysis. According to this study catalytic activity of metal -PC was improved by air pretreatment at 45$0^{\circ}C$ for 1hr. Under this pretreatment condition Co-PC and Cu($\alpha$)-PC were destroyed and new metal oxides were formed such as Co3O4 and CuO respectively. However Zn-PC retained its basic structure even afte air pretreatment. The order of catalytic activity on acetaldehyde combustion was summarized as follows : Zn-PC$\alpha$)-PC. It was found that the complete combustin of acetaldehyde with Cu($\alpha$)-PC was accomplished at its concentrations below 0.2mole% (32$0^{\circ}C$) and 0.6 mole%(35$0^{\circ}C$) in air.


acetaldehyde;VOC;odor;phthalocyanine;catalytic combustion


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