Pupil plane wavefront sensing with a static pyramidal prism: Simulation and preliminary evaluation

  • Received : 1999.10.14
  • Published : 2000.03.01


Adaptive optics(AO) removes or compensates the distortion caused by a turbulent atmosphere or medium. A wavefront sensormeasures the distortion, on which the correction of AO is based. A new idea of pupil plane wavefront sensing, which consists of a relay lens and a pyramidal-shaped prism, was previously proposed. This paper reviews the idea of pupil wavefrontsensing and presents prism, was previously proposed. The simulation shows that pupilwavefront sensing provides full wavefront sensing when the intensity peak of PSF is located within half of the Airy radius from the apex of the sensor. Adding to this, the sensor is shown to have optimum sensor output with a finite bevel size of the pyramidal prism.



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