The Effect of Space Charge on the PD Pattern and Dielectric Barrier Discharge under AC

교류전압에서 PD 패턴 및 유전체 장벽 방전에 미치는 공간전하의 영향

  • Published : 2000.04.01


In this paper, we present new method to analyze the space charge effect on the electrical characteristics in polymer. It is new measurement system and analysis method that have not reported yet. By using this measurement system, we make observation to space charge accumulated on the surface of polymer at AC voltage, so it is examined to verify the correlation of space charge and partial discharge(PD). In the result of experiment, it can be known that PD pattern is related more closely to space charge accumulated on the surface of polymer than in the inner part, and applied voltage in the air is ruled by this dynamic partial discharge. Also, above critical voltage, the space charge accumulated on the surface of polymer have no effect to the magnitude of PD and the applied voltage in the air. It has been known that the electric power of the dissolution system is proportioned to the frequency and the magnitude of applied voltage, but we can know by this result of the experiment that the efficiency of the dissolution is not related to the rise of voltage above critical voltage.




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