Frequency Characteristics of Shallow Seismic Reflection Data - Dogye, Samchuck, Kangwon

천부 탄성파 반사법 자료의 주파수 특성 - 강원도 삼척시 도계지역

  • 고광범 (한성대학교 영상화기술연구실) ;
  • 이두성 (한성대학교 정보시스템공학과)
  • Published : 2000.02.01


Seismic reflection data was obtained by using 28 and 100 Hz geophones at the ground subsidence sites in an old coal mine area. Frequency spectrum of the geophone analyzed with offset revealed that 1) In the near offset ($1\~10m$), the signals in the 100 Hz geophone data contains higher frequency components (up to 300 Hz) than that of the 28 Hz (<200 Hz), 2) In the intermediate offset ($11\~39m$), although the 28 Hz geophone data showed very similar frequency characteristics as the near offset data, the 100Hz geophone data seemed to be contaminated by noise at high frequency zone (>200 Hz). In the far offset ($\geq40\;m$), the signals in both the 28 and 100 Hz geophone data are attenuated to noise level at high frequency Bone more than 150 Hz.