Globalisation, German Welfare State and Strategy of Feminism

경제적 관계의 세계화와 복지국가 발전에 대한 논의 : 독일 페미니즘의 전략을 중심으로

  • 정재훈 (독일 트리어 대학교 사회정책학, 충남대)
  • Published : 2000.02.28


The purpose of this study is to formulate the way of the feminist strategy in Germany which is to change in the process of the globalization in the economic relations. The radical feminism which is the main streaming of german feminism shows a little interest in the role of the german welfare state (social state) to improve the quality of life of women. The german welfare state is, as the feminism says, only a instrument of patriarchy to perpetuate the domination of men over women. The german welfare state has played, but, an important role for the individualization of the relation of women's life which is the first condition for the emancipation of women from the patriarchal domination. That is a result of the interaction between the german welfare state and feminism. The role of the german welfare state for the interest of women is now challenged by the globalization of the economic relations which tries to reduce the standard of social services. The greatest victim of this process is women. Therefore it is necessary for the german feminism to think over the way of his strategy in relation to the german welfare state. The content of this study is as follows: First, the historical background of the german feminism explains how the radical feminism has become the mainstreaming of the german feminism. Seconds, the feminist strategy which rejects the role of the german welfare state for the interest of women has its own limits. Third, the german welfare state has not only developed the ideology of breadwinner but also contributed to the beginning of independent life of woman who were under the control of man. Fourth, the german welfare state is challenged by the economic globalization and being changed by the economic globalization. Fifth, therefore, the feminism has to concentrate to develop a strategy which accepts the limit and the possibility of german welfare state.