A Case Study on the Welfare QC Activity as a Management Technique for Improving Quality in Social Welfare Service

사회복지서비스의 질적 향상을 위한 관리기법으로서 복지QC 활동에 관한 사례연구

  • 박경일 (동국대학교 사회복지학과)
  • Published : 2000.02.28


The purpose of this paper is a case study on welfare QC circle which is considered as one of the management techniques to improve service quality among recently changing welfare environment. Futhermore this paper is also to suggest a new introduction of the welfare QC circle in korean social welfare agency. To accomplish these purpose, this study theoretically examines activity process and techniques of welfare QC circle. In practice, three social workers and one supervisor working at 'D' community welfare center in pusan are participated during six months. As a result, we founded the specific problems that is aroused from youth volunteer group within by fish bone chart, and proposed the alternative choices by 5W1H check sheet, and also certified to decrease turnover ratio in youth volunteering by pareto chart. This study, however, has its limitation in selection only one case study on welfare QC circle of youth volunteering. Welfare QC circle could be much contributed as one of the management techniques to enhance the quality of social welfare service from the viewpoint of the customer, If it is well developed korean welfare QC model which is suitable to social welfare organization and service. Therefore, in order to introduce welfare QC circle in korean social welfare organizations, I would like to suggest to find out a useful text of welfare QC and organize some welfare QC study groups including other suggestions.