Food of China Yunnan Baizu

증국 운남성 백족의 음식문화

  • Shin, Kye-Sook (Department of chinese Tourist Interpretation, Baewha Women's College)
  • 신계숙 (배화여자대학 관광중국어통역과)
  • Published : 2000.07.31


The Purpose of this study was to understand the China Yunnan Baizu food. This study was performed a visit market based on in- depth interview with food experts those who lived in Baizu province. The results were summarized as follows. The main food of Baizu were Bab, Dduk(BaBa), Nuddle(Mi xian) made from rice. They ate all kind of food from vegetables, fish, and pork, but the remarkable thing was that there were practical limit to select the ingredient. They would use some fermented products such as Pao-chai, Yan-chai, Zha. Pao-chai was fermented vegetables like Kimchi, Yan-chai was similar with Changachi in Korea, and Zha was prepared from meat and fish. Menus for Banquets were included 8 kinds of cold appetizer, 8 kinds of hot dishes, and 2 kinds of sweet desserts. The ingredients were local products and they considered hot, sour, cold taste importantly. The method of cooking was simple and Rusan, Sengpi was the most traditional Baizu food. Ru san is one of dishes prepared from the milk, and milk pedimented product. Sengpi was uncooked pork.