Microbiological Hazard Analysis for Prepared Foods and Raw materials of Foodservice Operations

단체급식 메뉴 및 원부재료의 미생물학적 위해분석

  • Published : 2000.05.30


Korea market of food service industry has been increased greatly since early 90's with the emergence of professional catering business and the expansion of school food service. Because of the characteristics of food service establishment, feeding many people at a time, there is always a high potential of foodborne outbreak which requires special sanitary management to prevent. Currently, many catering businesses are interested in HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), a new sanitary management system, and are trying to develop HACCP Plans for their food service establishment. Microbiological hazard analysis, a most important step for developing HACCP Plan, provides also basic information for evaluating sanitary aspect of prepared foods and their materials. There are not extensive data of microbiological hazard analysis for food service operations, especially for prepared foods and raw materials, which are helpful for developing a HACCP Plan. The extensive microbiological hazard analyses for 65 prepared foods and 51 raw materials selected from a couple of food service establishment were performed in this research. These results will provide useful information to determine hazards for developing a HACCP plan, and also to understand sanitary status for prepared foods and raw materials in food service establishment.


HACCp;food service establishment;hazard analysis;prepared foods;raw materials