A study on the Consumer Recognition and Consumption of Misitgaru(the Traditional Powder of Roast Grain)

전북지역 주부들의 미싯가루에 대한 소비자 인식 및 이용에 관한 실태조사

  • Published : 2000.05.30


This study was carried out to investigate the consumer recognition and consumption of Misitgaru(the traditional powder of roast grain). Data were collected from the 605 housewives(average age, 42.9 years old) residing in Chonbuk area by the self-administered questionnaire. The results from this study were as follows. The respondants were generally concerned regarding Misitgaru as a between-meal snack(33%). And there were recognition on Misitgaru as a weaning food(17%), health food(16%), and substitute food(14%). Of the respondants, good consumers of the Misitgaru were high ratio in age below 30 years old and in number of family member between 6 to 7. Among the demographic variables, age, educational level and housing form especially affected the purchasing place and educational level affected the kinds of mixing cereals. The higher the educational level, the more the kinds of mixing cereals. The methods of storage were significantly different according to age and income level. The older in age and higher in income level, the higher the storage at room temperature.