Effects of Lectin-conjugated Ellagitannin on Inhibition of Melanoma Metastasis

Lectin-conjugated Ellagitannin의 흑색종에 대한 전이억제효과

  • Published : 2000.12.30


Recently, studies on missile antitumor drugs, which selectively act on tumor cell and display drug effects, have been performed. These missile antitumor drugs which can increase drug effects and decrease side effects, are ideal medication method. Lectin has been reported as tumor cell specific binding protein and tannin as antitumor substance. In this study, we studied inhibition of melanoma metastasis by lectin-conjugated ellagitannin and used praecoxin A as ellagitannin source. Mouse melanoma cell, B16-F10, was injected into the sole of forefoot of C57BL/6 mouse, and after administration with drug, the number of pulmonary tumor colony was counted. The administration of praecoxin A, lectin-praecoxin A mixiture, and lectin-conjugated praecoxin A was started after amputation of established tumor foci at right forefoot of mice and continued for 3 weeks with i.p. injection of one of those drugs A every 24 hours. Lectin-praecoxin A mixture, and lectin-conjugated praecoxin A significantly reduced the number of spontaneous pulmonary metastasis. Exposure to 5 mg/kg of lectin-praecoxin A mixiture and lectin-conjugated praecoxin A produced a statistically significant 38.3%, 41.8% reduction in the number of remaining pulmonary metastasis. These results suggest that metastasis inhibition by lectin-praecoxin A mixiture and lectin-conjugated praecoxin A are better than that of praecoxin A.