Sensitivity Analysis for Input Parameters of a Radiological Dose Assessment Model (U. S. NRC Model) for Ingestion Pathways

오염 음식물에 의한 피폭선량 평가모델 (U. S. NRC 모델)의 입력변수에 대한 민감도분석

  • Published : 2000.12.30


The sensitivity analysis of input parameters was Performed fer an ingestion dose assessment model (U. S. NRC's Regulatory Guide 1.109 model) from routine releases of radionuclides. In this study, three kinds of typical Korean foodstuffs (rice, leaff vegetables, milk) and two kinds of radionuclides $(^{l37}Cs,\;^{131}I)$ were considered. The values of input parameters were sampled using a Latin hypercube sampling technique based on Monte Carlo approach. Sensitivity indices, which represent the influence or the importance of input parameters for predictive results, were quantitatively expressed by the partial rank correlation coefficients. As the results, the ratio of the interception fraction to the yield of agricultural plants and the human consumption rate were sensitive input parameters for the considered foodstuffs and radionuclides. Additionally, in case of milk, the transfer factor of radionuclides from animal intake to milk and the daily intake rate of feedstuffs were sensitive input parameters. The weathering removal half-life and the delay time from food production to human consumption were relatively sensitive for $^{137}Cs$ and $^{131}I$ depositions, respectively.