Morphological changes by whole-body r -irradiation in mouse jejunal villi

생쥐 공장 융모의 감마선 전신조사에 의한 형태학적 변화

  • Chun, Ki-Jung (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Kim, Jin-Kyu (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) ;
  • Song, Chi-Won (College of veterinary medicine, Chung Nam National University) ;
  • Kim, Moo-Kang (College of veterinary medicine, Chung Nam National University)
  • Published : 2000.12.30


Radiotheraphy may be considered as one of the most effective treatments for digestive tumors. This procedure has major side effects, especially in fast growing tissues like intestinal mucosa. For this reason, the morphological changes in mouse jejunal villi after whole body ${\gamma}-irradiation$ were analysed. Four week old ICR male mice were irradiatied with 6.5Gy or 12Gy of whole body ${\gamma}-irradiation$ and were sacrificed 3 days later. Jejunum among intestine were taken for morphology. Samples were carried out dehydration process and sliced sample covered with paraffin was hold on the slide and then light microscopy was observed by Hematoxylin & Eosin staining. villi at both irradiated doses were showed that the length of villi were shortened and thickened and that lumen were expanded in comparison with non-irradiated group. Since willi have an important role in digestion and very sensitive to radiation from this test, it has a role of test parameter for finding radioprotectors as well as evaluating the biological effect by radiaton.