Decontamination Performance Assessment for the Plasma Arc Vitrification pilot plant on the basis of Trial Burn Results(I) - Decontamination Characteristics for Hazardous Metal, Radioactive surrogate and Radioactive Tracer in Off-gas

시험연소결과에 근거한 플라즈바 아크방식 유리화 시험 설비의 제염성능 평가(I) - 배기가스중의 유해중금속, 방사성핵종 모의물질 및 방사성핵종 제염특성 -

  • Published : 2000.06.30


Through the results of off-gas analysis at 3 sampling points in Plasma Arc Melting vitrification pilot plant, it was evaluated the partitioning of spiked materials in off-gas and the decontamination characteristic of off-gas treatment system. Spiked materials are hazard_us heavy metals(Pb, Cd, Hg), radioactive surrogate(Co, Cs) and radioactive materials($^{60}Co,\;^{137}Cs$). Through the Trial burn tests, Decontamination factor of spiked materials in off-gas treatment system is calculated.