Effects of Combined Irradiation of Neutrons and ${\gamma}$-Rays on the Pink Mutation Frequencies in Tradescantia

중성자와 감마선 중복 조사가 자주달재비 분홍돌연변이율에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2000.06.30


The effects of combined irradiation of neutrons and ${\gamma}$-rays were analysed by means of Tradescantia stamen hair (TSH) assay. Potted plants were irradiated with $0{\sim}2$ Gy of ${\gamma}$-rays. For the combined treatments, the plants were irradiated with neutrons from $^{252}Cf$ 24 hours before or after ${\gamma}$-irradiation. The slopes of dose-response curves were 5.98, 6.17 and 7.48, in ${\gamma}$-rays, ${\gamma}$-rays+neutrons, and neutrons+${\gamma}$ -rays irradiated groups, respectively. The biological efficacy of radiations in the induction of pink mutations increased by 25% in neutrons+${\gamma}$-rays irradiated group, while it increased by 12% in ${\gamma}$-rays+neutrons irradiated group. The combined irradiation with two kinds of radiations results in the different efficacy of radiation depending on the order of irradiations, which is of great importance in the related fields such as sterilization and radiotherapy.