Development of a RVIES Syetem for Reactor Vessel Integrity Evaluation

원자로용기 건전성평가를 위한 RVIES 시스템의 개발

  • Published : 2000.08.01


In order to manage nuclear power plants safely and cost effectively, it is necessary to develop integrity evaluation methodologies for the main components. Recently, the integrity evaluation techniques were broadly studied regarding the license renewal of nuclear power plants which were approaching their design lives. Since the integrity evaluation process requires special knowledges and complicated calculation procedures, it has been allowed only to experts in the specified area. In this paper, an integrity evaluation system for reactor pressure vessel was developed. RVIES(Reactor Vessel Integrity Evaluation System) provides four specific integrity evaluation procedures covering PTS(Pressurized Thermal Shock) analysis, P-T(Pressure-Temperature) limit curve generation, USE(Upper Shelf Energy) analysis and Fatigue analysis. Each module was verified by comparing with published results.


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