Properties of the Ceramic Composites and Glass-Ceramics Prepared by Using the Natural Hydroxyapatite Derived from Tuna bone

참치 뼈에서 추출한 천연 Hydroxyapatite를 이용한 세라믹 복합체 및 Glass-Ceramics의 특성

  • Choi, Jin-Sam (Department of Chemistry, Pukyong National University) ;
  • Lee, Chang-Kook (Department of Chemistry, Pukyong National University) ;
  • Jeon, You-Jin (Department of Chemistry, Pukyong National University) ;
  • Byun, Hee-Guk (Department of Chemistry, Pukyong National University) ;
  • Kim, Se-Kwon (Department of Chemistry, Pukyong National University)
  • Received : 1998.11.16
  • Accepted : 1999.02.03
  • Published : 1999.05.10


As the prosthetic application of natural mineral substituted for chemical reagent, composites and a glass-ceramics containing hydro-xyapatite isolated from tuna bone were prepared by solid state reaction. On x-ray examinations, the major phases of composites were identified as pseudowollastonite(${\alpha}-CaSiO_3$) and ${\beta}$-tricalcium phosphate($\beta$-TCP) and the phase of a glass-ceramics was observed as $\beta$-TCP and fluoroapatite caused by $CaF_2$ respectively. SEM images depict that the microstructures of grain at the composites were a function of temperature. The measured strength of a glass-ceramics prepared at $900^{\circ}C$ for 4 hr in air was 90 MPa as a 4-point bending method and this value was similar to the cortical bone, as 50~150 MPa but it was lower than its maximum strength.


Glass-ceramics;Pseudowollastonite;$\beta$-Tricalcium Phosphate;Fluoroapatite;Tuna Bone


Supported by : 농림수산부


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