Catalytic Oxidation of Vinyl Chloride on Chromium Oxide Catalysts

크롬 산화물 촉매를 이용한 Vinyl Chloride의 산화 분해반응

  • Received : 1998.07.13
  • Accepted : 1998.10.07
  • Published : 1999.02.10


The catalytic oxidation of vinyl chloride was investigated over $CrO_x$ impregnated on $Al_2O_3$ at temperature between 200 and $400^{\circ}C$. The major carbonaceous products were CO and $CO_2$, and the selectivity of $CO_2$ was gradually increased with increasing reaction temperature, while that of CO was dropped consequently. This suggests that CO is the first product which is further oxidized to $CO_2$ in the oxidation of vinyl chloride over $CrO_x/Al_2O_3$. The addition of HCl in the feed didn't affect the conversion of vinyl chloride, but the selectivity of $CO_2$ decreased by adding HCl. It implies that HCl inhibits, the complete oxidation of vinyl chloride to $CO_2$. When oxidizing vinyl chloride in dry air, significant amounts of $Cl_2$ were observed, while no $Cl_2$ was detected in the humid condition. The activities of several catalysts including various precious metals and other transition metal oxides were measured, it was found that the catalytic activity of 12% $CrO_x/Al_2O_3$ was higher than other catalysts except 1% $Pt/Al_2O_3$. The reaction rate of 12% $CrO_x/Al_2O_3$ was 1.2 times lower than that of 1% Pt/alumina, but it was 3 to 8 times more active than other catalysts for vinyl chloride oxidation at $275^{\circ}C$.


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