Adsorption Characteristics of Ni, Co and Ag Ions on The Cation Exchange Resin of Demineralization Process in Primary Coolant System of PWR

원자로 일차 냉각제 계통내 탈염공정의 양이온 교환수지상에서 니켈(Ni), 코발트(Co) 및 은(Ag) 이온의 흡착 특성

  • Yang, Hyun S. (Department of Fine Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Chungnam National University) ;
  • Kim, Young H. (Department of Fine Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, Chungnam National University) ;
  • Kang, Duck W. (KEPCO Electric Power Research Institute) ;
  • Sung, Ki B. (KEPCO Electric Power Research Institute)
  • Received : 1998.07.06
  • Accepted : 1998.10.21
  • Published : 1999.02.10


Adsorption characteristics of Ni(II), Co(II) and Ag(I) ions on the Amberite IRN 77 cation exchange resin have been studied to suggest the guide-line for the optimum operation of demineralization process in primary coolant system during the shut-down period of pressurized water reactor(PWR). The adsorption mechanism of each metal ion, Ni(II), Co(II) or Ag(I) ion, on a cation exchange resin was well coincided with Langmuir isotherm. The adsorption and treatment capacities of $H^+$-form resin were higher than those of $Li^+$-form resin. In the continuous ion exchange process for the solution of multi-component system, the selectivity of the resin was in increasing order of Ni(II)${\approx}$Co(II)>Ag(I). In addition, the increase of the flow rate decreased the treatment capacity of the resin as well as the slope of the breakthrough curve.


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