Dispersion Stability of Pigments in Aqueous Solution of Anionic Oligo-Type Surfactants(Parts 2) - Dispersion of Red Iron Oxide or Titanium Dioxide -

올리고머형 음이온성 계면활성제 수용액에서 안료의 분산안정성(제2보) - 산화철이나 산화티티늄의 분산 -

  • Lee, Hyang Woo (School of Chemical Engineering, Chungbuk National University) ;
  • Lee, Jin Hee (School of Chemical Engineering, Chungbuk National University) ;
  • Park, Heung Joe (Department of Polymer Chemical, Chungju National Industry University) ;
  • Nam, Ki Dae (School of Chemical Engineering, Chungbuk National University)
  • 이향우 (충남대학교 공과대학 화학공학부 공업화학과) ;
  • 이진희 (충남대학교 공과대학 화학공학부 공업화학과) ;
  • 박흥조 (충주산업대학교 고분자공학과) ;
  • 남기대 (충남대학교 공과대학 화학공학부 공업화학과)
  • Received : 1997.02.06
  • Accepted : 1998.10.15
  • Published : 1999.02.10


The dispersing performance of oligomer-type anionic surfactants ($C_mD-Na$), cooligomers of diethylester maleate and alkylvinylether of different alkyl chain lengths or polymerization degree were studied on the aqueous suspension of iron dxide or titanium dioxide particles which are hydrophilic pigments. The dispersion behavior of oligomer-type surfactants for these dispersoids, although anion charges on the surface of pigments particles showed different dispersing properties, was dependent upon the side alkyl chain length. Oligomer-type surfactants having more than $C_8$ side alkyl chain exhibited large dispersing action for relatively hydrophobic ${\alpha}-Fe_2O_3$ and Anatase $TiO_2$ in the concentration range of more than 0.1% oligomer-type surfactant solutions.


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