Effect of MoO3 Morphological Change over Hydrogen Spillover Kinetics

MoO3 Morphology 변화가 수소 Spillover에 미치는 영향

  • Kim, Jin Gul (Department of Chemical Engineering, Soonchunhyang University)
  • 김진걸 (순천향대학교 공과대학 화학공학부)
  • Received : 1999.02.01
  • Accepted : 1999.11.22
  • Published : 1999.12.10


sothemal reduction at $50^{\circ}C$ using $Pt/MoO_3$ or $Pt/MoO_3/SiO_2$ made by dry impregnation or physical mixture of $Pt^{\circ}$ and $MoO_3$ demonstrated that the $H_2$ uptake vis $H_2$ spillover from Pt into $MoO_3$ was enhanced as calcination temperature was increased. Surface area of exposed Pt crystallites measured by CO chemisorption was decreased with higher calcination temperature. In addition, TEM showed that $MoO_x$ overlayers were formed on Pt crystallites after calcination at $400^{\circ}C$. Consequentially, it was found that this increased active contact sites between Pt and $MoO_3$ due to surface morphological change was one of the dominant factors for this increased $H_2$uptake via $H_2$ spillover from Pt crystallites into $MoO_3$.


hydrogen spillover;overlayer;calcination;$Pt/MoO_3$;$Pt/MoO_3$/$SiO_2$


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