High Pressure Phase Behavior in the Binary Polyethylene/Butane and Polyethylene/Dimethyl Ether Systems

이성분 폴리에틸렌/부탄과 폴리에틸렌/디메틸 에테르계의 고압 상거동

  • Jeon, Nam-Seok (Department of Chemical Engineering, Yosu National University) ;
  • Byun, Hun-Soo (Department of Chemical Engineering, Yosu National University)
  • 전남석 (여수대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 변헌수 (여수대학교 화학공학과)
  • Received : 1999.05.14
  • Accepted : 1999.06.30
  • Published : 1999.08.10


In this paper, high pressure phase behavior in the binary polyethylene/butane and polyethylene/dimethyl ether has been studied. The pressure-temperature diagrams in polyethylene/butane were shown by increasing concentration for molecular weight standards, that is, $M_w=700,\;1000$ and 2000. It is found that the temperature and the pressures go up with increasing in concentrations for each molecular weight, but the latter lower in concentrations over 16 wt % polyethylene. In addition, the phase behaviors for each molecular weights with about 5 wt % polyethylene are shown in pressure-temperature, and pressures increase with increasing in molecular weight($M_w=700,\;1000$, and 2000). The phase behaviors in polyethylene/dimethyl ether are determined according to its molecular weight, and are shown for a range of pressures of 40~280 bar and temperatures of about $120{\sim}220^{\circ}C$. It is shown that in pressure-temperature of polyethylene/dimethyl ether the pressure increases with increasing in polyethylene molecular weight, and the difference in pressure for each molecular weight shows by about 60 bar. The gap in pressure between polyethylene/butane and polyethylene/dimethyl ether system with 5 wt % polyethylene for each molecular weight standards indicates about 25(700), 90(1000), and 100 bar(2000), respectively.


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