Synthesis and Characteristics of Photo-crosslinkable Hydrogel for Microbial Immobilization

미생물 고정화를 위한 광경화성 하이드로겔의 합성과 특성

  • Received : 1999.03.08
  • Accepted : 1999.08.06
  • Published : 1999.10.10


The objective of this study was to prepare hydrogel beads which were useful microbial immobilization to remove nitrogen and phosphorous in the industrial wastewater. Two different polyols(PEG, PTMG) terminated with photo-crosslinkable methacrylate groups were synthesized. Structures of the prepolymers and the UV cured hydrogels were characterized by using $^1H$-NMR and FT-IR spectroscopy. Water content, mechanical strength and pore sizes of the hydrogels having different MW of polyols and different ratios of PEG/PTMG were investigated. Hydrogels prepared from PEG(MW1000) only or the mixture of PEG(MW1000) and PTMG(MW2900) with 7:3 by weight were considered as potential candidates for the matrix for the immobilization of microorganism.


immobilization;UV cured hydrogels;polyols;microorganism


Supported by : 산업자원부


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