Specific Capacitance Characteristics of Electric Double Layer Capacitors with Phenol Based Activated Carbon Fiber Electrodes and Aqueous Electrolytes

페놀계 활성탄소섬유 전극과 수용성 전해질을 사용하는 전기이중층 캐패시터의 비축전용량 특성

  • Received : 1998.04.13
  • Accepted : 1999.09.13
  • Published : 1999.10.10


The specific capacitance characteristics of the electric double layer capacitors(ELDC) which were made of phenol based activated carbon fiber(ACF) electrodes. Also the effect of aqueous electrolytes on the cell performance has been investigated with respect to different specific surface areas of electrodes and different kinds of aqueous electrolytes. It has been shown that larger surface area and pore size, higher conductivity of electrodes, and higher ion mobility of electrolytes have better specific capacitances. It has been found that heat treatment at $1200^{\circ}C$ and $CO_2$ post-activation at $900^{\circ}C$ of the electrode are effective to improve the specific capacitance over 145F/g and 165F/g, respectively. The EDLC showed high efficiency and long cycle life over 30000 cycles.


activated carbon fiber;electric double layer capacitor;aqueous electrolysis;supercapacitor;ultracapacitor


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