Analysis of Steady Flow by Main Pipe Arrangement in the Water Distributing Pipe Network

배수관망(配水管網)의 간선배치(幹線配置)에 따른 정류(定流)흐름 해석(解析)

  • Published : 1999.06.15


In this study, the optimal analysis for pipe network is performed for the combined ideal pipe network system(CASE 1, CASE 2 and CASE 3) which is composed of 25 nodes, 41 elements, and 1 fixed nodal head with evaluating pressure variation distribution of main and branch in grid composed drainage pipe network. The linear analysis technique used as the analysis method in this study, the KYPIPE being used extensively as the linear technique to design and analysis of pipe network is applied. Firstly, in the analysis of pipe network, the CASE 2 and CASE 3 supply same thing(value) in the result of considering the total flow provided each pipeline, but in the general intension in the case of CASE 2, relative width of supply is more large than CASE 1 and CASE 3. Secondly, in the analysis technique of pipe network, CASE 3 is analysed largest as a result of comparing with same heads, and in the order of their size CASE 2 and CASE 1 were determined but the difference doesn't appear to be obvious. Thirdly, as the result of determining main factor, pressure in the design and analysis of net work. CASE 3 is from Node 3 to 25 than CASE 1 and CASE 2 and it is determined in the order of their size, CASE 2 and CASE 1. Finally, in this study, discharge flow distribution is evaluated in the same condition with 3-type CASE in the case of branch position for designing optimal composed drainage pipe network. As the result of that, branch pipe perform. Therefore, it is thought that the efficient and reasonable management of water supply and sewerage design will be possible if it give all our energies to study at the pipe system design in and out of country in the future.