Influence of Controlling Protozoa on the Degradation and Utilization of Dietary Fibre and Protein in the Rumen and Nitrogenous Flow Entering the Duodenum of Sheep

  • Han, C.Y. (Inner Mongolian Academy of Animal Science) ;
  • Lu, D.X. (Inner Mongolian Academy of Animal Science) ;
  • Hu, M. (Inner Mongolian Academy of Animal Science) ;
  • Tan, Z.L. (Inner Mongolian Academy of Animal Science)
  • Received : 1999.01.15
  • Accepted : 1999.03.17
  • Published : 1999.12.01


Nine two-year old sheep fitted with rumen and duodenum cannulas were used to study the effect of controlling protozoa flora on the degradation and utilization of dietary fibre and protein in the rumen and on nitrogenous flow to the duodenum. There were three groups in this experiment: defaunation (DF); partial defaunation (PDF); faunation (F) as control. Results showed that: 1,There were no differences between treatments in dietary DM degradation in the rumen, but defaunation and partial defaunation increased the quantity of nitrogenous material in the rumen and the flow of N to duodenum. 2, partial defaunation and defaunation improved the degradabilities of dietary NDF, ADF and HC, but there were no differences between the defaunated and partially defaunated groups. 3, Partial defaunation decreased the degradability of dietary protein in the rumen. There was no difference between defaunated and faunated groups. 4, Defaunation and partial defaunation increased the quantity of total N (TN) and microbial N (MCN) in the rumen and the amounts entering the duodenum. The protozoa N (PN) flow in the faunated group was higher than that in the partially defaunated group, and the amino acid pattern in the digesta at the proximal duodenum in the defaunated group was closer to the ideal amino acid pattern. 5, There were differences in the mole percent of acetic, propionic, total-VFAs and the non-glucogenic to glucogenic VFAs ratio (NGR) value in the rumen fluids. The order was as follows: mole percent of acetate: F>PDF>DF; mole percent of propionate: DF>PDF>F; total-VFAs: PDF>F>DF; NGR: F>PDF>DF.


Sheep;Fiber;Protein;Protozoa and Defaunation