Blood Protein Polymorphisms of Native Fowls in Laos

  • Okamoto, S. ;
  • Tsunekawa, N. ;
  • Kawamoto, Y. ;
  • Worawut, R. ;
  • Kawabe, K. ;
  • Maeda, Y. ;
  • Nishida, T.
  • Received : 1999.02.22
  • Accepted : 1999.04.19
  • Published : 1999.11.01


Blood protein polymorphism of fowls in Laos was analyzed by electrophoresis. Blood samples were collected in the area of Viangchan, Louangphrabang and Pakxe. Out of 17 loci, polymorphism was detected at the following seven loci; ES-1, Amy-1, Akp-akp, Akp-2, Alb, Tf and Pas. The other ten loci; Amy-3, LDH, 6-PGD, PGM, PHI, To, MDH, Es-D, Hb-l, Hb-2 were noted to be monomorphic. The proportion of polymorphic loci $(P_{poly})$, the expected average heterozygosity per individual ($\bar{H}$), and the subdivision index $(G_{ST})$ of the native fowl in Laos was $0.412{\pm}0.123$, 0.106 and 0.026, respectively. Genetic distance between native fowls in Laos, Bangladesh, and Nepal was clustered in one group.


Protein Polymorphiasm;Native Fowl;Jungle Fowl;Genetic Variability;Genetic Distance

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Supported by : Ministry of Education, Science and Culture