Partial Sequence of the Bovine (Bos taurus coreanae) Myogenic Factor Encoding Gene MyoD

  • Kim, H.S. ;
  • Park, E.W. ;
  • Yoon, D.H. ;
  • Kim, H.B. ;
  • Cheong, I.C. ;
  • Cho, B.W. ;
  • Im, K.S.
  • Received : 1998.09.11
  • Accepted : 1998.11.09
  • Published : 1999.08.01


This experiment was carried out to isolate the partial bovine (Bos Taurus coreanae) myogenic factor encoding gene, MyoD, using the rat myogenic factor (MyoD) gene sequence and to compare the gene sequence between another myogenic factor (Myf 5) and MyoD gene of the bovine. To make the probe and isolate the MyoD gene, PCR was performed to amplify rat and bovine MyoD gene including exon I, II and intron I. The homology between mouse and bovine MyoD is high; bovine MyoD gene shows 17 different gene sequence region compared to rat MyoD. Among those, two regions have significant differences; one is the exon I part between 2834 and 2850 bp, the other is intron part between 3274 and 3303 bp of the mouse. At this region homology was 40% in the former and 50% in the latter. Homology between bovine MyoD and Myf5 was 83% in the exon 1. Especially exon I in the Myf5 602-617 bp and 651-683 bp have significant differences. These results suggest that MyoD gene have a similar gene structure in mouse and bovine and MyoD and Myf5 of the bovine, at least in part, have a similar expression and activity.


Myogenic Factor (MyoD);Bos taurus coreanae;Sequence Homology