The Legal Consideration in Emergency Medical Service System

의료분쟁에 관한 보건정책학적 고찰 -응급의료종사자를 중심으로-

  • Kang, Byung Woo (Department of Emergency Medical Technology, Kwang-Ju Health College)
  • 강병우 (광주보건대학 응급구조과)
  • Published : 1999.12.31


The medicolegal problem can be occurred in all medical field. Especially pre-hospital stage can be more exposed to the legal claims due to the very nature of EMT business and characteristics of ER patient or their family member. All Emergency Medical Technician should be concerned about the law associated with emergency care for handling the medicolegal problem, so the legally risky situations that may be occurred in pre-hospital stage and ER practice. This study reviewed malpractice claim of emergency patients filed in at Association of malpractice patients' family and two tertiary level hospitals. Problems related to treatment and misdiagnosis. Especially issues concerning emergency medical service system including of inadequate transport, delay in triage and transport accounted for many cases of all claims. This alerts us to the seriousness of medical accidents of emergency patient. This paper suggests several items that all E.M.T and every member of ED health care team always have to remember the medicolegally risk situations, must be trained in understanding the patients' wants and desires and should have the knowledge of the law associated with emergency health care. Develop the system that can share the informations about the medicolegal events which were experienced by each ED health care institutes.


medicolegal problem;Malpractice claims


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