A Study on Years of Potential Life Lost in Korea - Focus on Alcohol -

우리 나라 잠재수명 손실년수에 관한 연구

  • Jo, Jeanman (Tajeon Health Sciences College) ;
  • Lim, Dar-Oh (Medical Research Center, Seoul National University)
  • 조진만 (대전보건대학) ;
  • 임달호 (서울대학교 의학연구원 인구의학연구소)
  • Published : 1999.12.31


Objectives: This study sought to examine the impact of alcohol use and misuse on mortality in korea during the 1991-l997. Methods: Alcohol-Related Disease Impact estimation software and Korea vital statistics data were used to calculate alcohol related-mortality, mortality rates, and YPLL(years of potential life lost). The major findings are as follows : An estimated 23,528 Korean died during 1997 from causes related to alcohol. Such deaths accounted for 17,052(12.60%) of all deaths for men and 6,206(5.88%) for women. Motor vehicle accidents were major contributors to the total estimated number of alcohol related deaths and years of potential life lost before age 65. Alcohol related mortality rates were significantly higher for men. For men, major causes of the deaths were motor vehicle accidents(4,147 deaths, 17.90 per 100,000 population), cancer of the stomach(1,467 deaths, 16.60 per 100,000 population) and chronic liver diseases and cirrhosis(1,233 deaths, 13.10). For women, the largest contributors to alcohol related mortality were motor vehicle accidents(1,509 deaths, 6.61), cerebrovascular diseases(1,114 deaths, 11.3) and cancer of the stomach(810 deaths, 8.24). Kleinman's method was used for obtaining on regional(Dongs, ups and Myons) differential of the alcohol related mortality in 1995. In general, The alcohol-related death rate for men was significantly higher than that for women, and the rate for ups and myons was significantly higher than that for dongs During 1997, approximately 356,667(male: 282, 510, female: 74, 157)YPLL to age 65 and 572,708(male:424,338, female:148,370)YPLL to life expectancy were attributable to alcohol related causes. Men accounted for 79% of the total YPLL to age 65 and 74% of the total YPLL to life expectancy The major contributors to these alcohol related years lost were the diagnostic categories of unintentional injuries. Particullary, In male, Motor vehicle accidents and accidental drowning-YPLL are considerably higher for other causes. Male-female YPLL differentials were greatest for mental disorder. Male-female mean-YPLL to age 65, accidental drowning(male;36.47, female;37.67) is higher for other causes. In both sexes, The YPLL and M-YPLL to life expectancy was significantly higher than the YPLL and M-YPLL to life expectancy.



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