A Study on Developmental Policies of The Emergency Medical Dispatch System in Korea

응급의료 통신체계의 발전방안 연구

  • Published : 1999.12.31


The purposes of this study which was conducted by studying the literature on Emergency Medical Dispatch System are to provide some developmental policies of quality management, pre-arrival instructions, priority dispatch protocols, training program for the dispatchers(Emergency Medical Dispatchers or EMDs) in Korea and to promote understanding emergency medical dispatching. The conclusions from this summarized as follows; (1) It is confirmed that there has been little study on the Emergency Medical Dispatch System in Korea, because for the first time, the real Emergency Medical Services were introduced into Korea in 1994, and the importance of the Emergency Medical Dispatch System has not been realized. (2) Only some squads are using a set of dispatch protocols, others aren't. (3) In spite of trying to introduce a new set of dispatch protocols, it isn't the priority dispatch system using a complete set of dispatch protocols which has key questions, pre-arrival instructions, mode & configuration based on patient assessment. (4) The EMS is unable to promote the service capacity by using quality management, because there is no medical control on the emergency medical dispatching and the EMDs. (5) There are no medical directors in the communications center who are in charge of the medical control to detect problems derived from the EMS and to solve them. (6) There are no systematic training program for the EMDs who are taking charge of dispatching. (7) Having a deep relation to the elements of the EMS, the emergency medical dispatching is subject to restriction of those elements.