Decision Criteria and Affecting Factors in Information Technology Adoption - Innovation Characteristics and Critical Mass Perspective -

정보기술 도입 결정기준 및 영향 요인 - 혁신특성과 핵심집단 관점 -

  • Published : 1999.12.31


The increased investment in technological innovations makes the investigation of factors affecting technology adoption more interesting. Several perspectives have been proposed to explain the determinants of information technology adoption. While the traditional innovation diffusion research streams try to explain and predict adoption behavior with the adopter's perceptions about the characteristics of the innovation itself, critical mass theorists argue that adoption behavior as a collective action is based on what their business partners are doing and whether there exists enough critical mass to justify the investment. Drawing on theses two perspectives, this study investigates the decision criteria in the adoption of information technology as innovation and factors affecting the decision criteria. The survey results reveal that the adoption behavior is affected both by innovation characteristics and by critical mass's activity. Correlation analysis, t-test, and stepwise regression models also show that as the environmental uncertainty is getting higher, adoption decision is affected more by what others are doing, and that highly competitive organizations seem to play the role of critical mass.