Performance Analysis of HIPERLAN Channel Access Control Protocol

고속 무선 근거리 통신망 채널접근제어 프로토콜 성능분석

  • Published : 1999.12.01


In this paper, the performance of HIPERLAN(HIgh PErformance Radio Local Area Networks) CAC(Channel Access Control) of ETSI(European Telecommunication StandaTds Institute) in Europe, as High speed wireless LAN, is analyzed and estimated by mathematical approaches. The CAC protocol of HIPERLAN is the EY-NPMA(Elimination Yield-Nonpreemptive Priority Multiple Access) which is transmitted after prioritization, elimination and yield phase. We analyzed channel contention phase composed of elimination and yield phase and then throughput is inspected by simulation. This result is useful to design and implement of HIPERLAN protocol.