Nitric Oxide, TNF-${\alpha}$ and TGF-${\beta}$ Formation of Rat Kupffer Cell Activated by the ${\beta}$-Glucan from Ganoderma lucidum

영지의 ${\beta}$-glucan성 다당류에 의해 활성화된 흰쥐 간내 Kupffer 세포의 NO, TNF-${\alpha}$ 및 TGF-${\beta}$ 형성

  • Han, Man-Deuk (Department of Dental Hygiene, Kim-cheon College) ;
  • Lee, June-Woo (Biotechnology Lab, II Yang Pharm. Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Jeong, Hoon (Biotechnology Lab, II Yang Pharm. Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Kim, Yong-Seok (Biotechnology Lab, II Yang Pharm. Co., Ltd.) ;
  • Ra, Su-Jung (Department of Dental Hygiene, Kim-cheon College) ;
  • Yoon, Kyung-Ha (Division of Life Science, Soonchunhyang University)
  • Published : 1999.02.01


Ganoderan (GAN), an immunomodulating ${\beta}$-glucan from mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, was evaluated for its ability to induce formation of nitric oxide (NO), tumor necrosis factor-${\alpha}$(TNF-${\alpha}$) and transforming growth factor (TGF-${\beta}$) from rat Kupffer cell in vitro. Hepatic macrophages activated by GAN significantly elevated concentration of NO and TNF-${\alpha}$ in cultured medium, but not significantly elevated that of TGF-${\beta}$. GAN-activated Kupffer cells secrete 14.9${\mu}$M (p<0.01) of NO and 2619.5${\rho}$g/ml (p<0.01) of TNF-${\alpha}$after 36hr of incubation at 37$^{\circ}C$. The results revealed that GAN enhanced 4-fold production of NO and 19 fold formation of TNF-${\alpha}$ compared to the control. The proliferation of GAN-activated Kupffer cells was inhibited as compared with its negative control. Comparing the activity among glucans derived from microorganisms, highly branched zymosan, glucomannan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, significantly increased TNF-${\alpha}$ and NO production. These results indicate that the ${\beta}$-glucan from G. lucidum activates rat Kupffer cell and secretes NO and TNF-${\alpha}$. It also suggest that rat Kupffer cell posses certain receptor for ${\beta}$-anomeric glucan.


B-glucan;Kupffer cell;nitric oxide;tumor necrosis factor-a;transforming growth factor-B