Effect of Fitness Between Implementation Variables and IT Innovation Types on Implementation Outcome

정보기술 혁신 구현 상황과 구현 유형과의 적합도가 구현 성과에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

  • 이길형 (한국과학기술원 테크노경영대학원) ;
  • 김영걸 (한국과학기술원 테크노경영대학원)
  • Published : 1999.03.01


Since information technologies have become critical to business success as a tool for organizational Innovation, successful implementation of IT Innovation is viewed as one of the most crucial tasks for many organizations. This paper examines the fit between the relevant variables and the implementation types and its impact on the success of implementation. We clarify the concept of IT innovation by distinguishing between IT innovation object and IT innovation process. Four types of IT innovation implementation were classified according to the dimensions of implementation scope and implementation pace. We developed a set of relevant prepositions and examined them through multiple case studios following the Yin's case study methodology.