Characteristics of Air Pollution at Kimhae

김해지방의 대기오염 특성

  • Published : 1999.02.01


This paper aims to describe the characteristics of air pollution using air pollutants concentration and meteorological data observed at Kimhae from December 1996 to November, 1997. The results are as follows : The concentration distribution of sulfur dioxide($SO_2$), carbon monoxide(CO), particulate matter(PM-10), and nitrogen dioxide($NO_2$) is high during the late fall and winter and low during the summer, but ozone concentration is low during the winter season and high during summer season except Jangma period and these distributions appear to be closely connected with insolation and the number of clear day. Diurnal variation of concentrations for sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide are high during the rush hours and nighttime and low during the daytime and these variations are distinct toward the winter season. And diurnal variation of nitrogen dioxide concentration has also same pattern and these patterns are closely related to the increasing traffic volume at rush hours. Diurnal variation of ozone concentration is generally increase for daytime and decrease for the late afternoon and are closely related to the insolation and photochemical reaction. The 24 hour average concentrations of air pollutant observed at Kimhae represented a positive correlation and a negative correlation for $O_3$ and also a negative correlation for the meteorological elements such as wind speed and cloud cover.


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